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200ml Ceramic Aroma Diffuser-H022

Why Choose HIDLY  Ceramic Aroma Diffuser?
ceramic aroma diffuser
1.Safe Material:Water tank is made of PP material, this diffuser disperses a comfortable stream of room-temperature mist, no heat involved. User-friendly even to babies and the pregnant
2.Unique Ultrasonic Technology"Adopted ultrasonic vibrations technology to disperse essential oils more efficiently with no noise, creating a superfine mist, which allow you to absorb the full benefit of essential oils over the longest period of time
3.4 Timer Setting:Improved ultrasonic technology, and two mist modes (normal, intermittent), In intermittent mode, our diffuser will turn mist on Intermittently, you can enjoy longer aromatherapy sessions
4. Waterless Auto-off:You can enjoy a restful sleep and keep this diffuser on at night without worrying about overheating. The diffuser will automatically shut off once the water runs out
5. 7 Colors Light:The light offers seven different color options, which can either cycle or be locked onto one color. It can serve as an elagant night light and its classic hollowed-out shell perfectly match home decoration.
6.Outer cover:The outer cover is made of ceramic with flower patten for elegant home decoration.
7.Base:Inner and base are made of high quality BPA Free plastic without any harmful chemicals and no toxic, making safe and durable. Suitable for any contemporary home, office, gym, spa or studio.
8.Sharing Health and Happy:ceramic aroma diffuser for essential oil help you effectively eliminate the odor, creating an comfortable environment and bring fresh air for your living.
9.There are two modes for your preference to choose from: 7-color gradienl loop mode and a fixed single.The colors of the LED light range from Red, yellow, green, sky blue, deep blue, purple, white.When you turn on rainbow mode at night, your room will look like a rainbow.
10. Decomposing water molecules into nano-scale cold fog with a diameter of 0.1 to 5 microns by high-frequency electronic oscillation generated by ultrasonic oscillation equipment;
11. Generate a large number of live oxygen negative ions, and produce a strong reaction with harmful gas molecules in the air, comprehensively remove, and completely eliminate the hazards of formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, TVOC, etc.
12. The use effect of lavender and tea tree essential oils is more remarkable-the cold fog generated by ultrasonic vibration can 100% disperse and maintain the active ingredients of the essential oils.
ceramic aroma diffuser
Name:Ceramic Aroma Diffusers
Ceramc aroma diffusers model:H022
Capacity: 200ml 
Ultrasonic frequency: 2.4MHz 
Timing: Timer: 2-8hr
Hour setting: 5 mins On, 3 min Off
ON/OFF switch with stepless control
Color changing LED light
Noise: <36dB(A) 
With non-slip mat
Voltage input: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz 
Rated power: 10W
Voltage output: DC24V 650mA 
Power supply: DC-power Adapter 
Suggest room size: 30-40m2 
Ceramic Aroma Diffuser Packaging Details
Aroma diffuser size:D5.3*H8.8 inch
Single net weight:1.2kg/pcs  2.65 lb
Inner package:200*200*255mm
Outer package:63*42*29cm
1CBM ---150pcs
20' GP---4350PCS
40' GP---8700PCS
ceramic aroma diffuser
Package Included:
1 x Diffuser
1 x Power Adapter
1 x User Manual
ceramic aroma diffuser
ceramic aroma diffuser
How to Use Your Ceramic Aroma Diffuser:
ceramic aroma diffuser
1.Remove cover and reservoir lid
2.Fill reservoir with water. For maximum run time, fill to max fill line-200ml. 
3.Use water under 45°C(113°F) and avoid getting water into the air outlet
4.Add 2 to 3 drops of essential oil into full tank (200ml) of water
5.Do not add more than 2 drops of oil for every 20ml of water
6.Do not overfill diffuser unit with  water
7.Reattach your reservoir lid and ensure the position is correct
Press one time --- mist starts to work
Press the second time ---the mist works intermittently (10s ON and 10s OFF,repeat in this round)
Press the third time --- timer for 1 hour
Press the fourth time---timer for 2 hours
No pressing : lights change among the seven colors
1st pressing : fix the color of the list
2st Pressing: reduce the brightness of the color
3rd pressing: change to another color
4th pressing: reduce the brightness of the second color
When you press the button "MIST/TIME" and then into the dense fog mode,if you press the button "MIST/TIMEM and hold on for 10s and the light "MID/CONT" will be illuminated,and then into the small mode.
ceramic aroma diffuser
Best Aroma Diffusers Buyer's Guide
1. A timer
This feature is required to make the machine run intermittently for 1-, 2-, or 3-hours. It endures a 5-minutes on and 3-minute off kind of a schedule, or it might operate ceaselessly till it runs out of oil. And once it runs out of oil, it’ll shut off automatically for safety. But, if your diffuser doesn’t have a timer, you can purchase a digital timer to set it for the duration that you would like it to run.
2. Room space coverage
A diffuser can typically cover between 400 to 1000-square feet depending on the unit you select.
3. Cordless, reversible, and electric
Diffusers are invariably light-weight to carry with you anywhere or even for traveling to the workplace. Some are created with lithium-ion batteries that are rechargeable and/or with a wire to plug into a receptacle. There are several choices on the market, thus opt for what serves your budget and desires.
4. Adjustable mist
This element is for the quantity of mist you would like to spread into the air. The best  diffusers should have a button to manage the mist from low to high and even with a medium setting.
5. Noise level
Nebulizers generally have a silent performance you may hear some air or pump noise from the machinery among the interior workings. However, the maximum noise level can be around fifty decibels.
6. Warranties/guarantees
It's standard for most diffuser makers to offer you a 1-year with a 30-day guarantee if you're dissatisfied with the product or if the diffuser is flawed.
7. LED lights
A majority of the  aroma diffusers comes with LED lights. You'll be presented with a few options such as the rainbow LED, which automatically changes colors or the customizable one where you can set the colors yourself. The lights will run ceaselessly or be turned off.
Aromatherapy is one of the best ways to create a soothing, relaxing environment, and our essential oil would help you bring that peacefulness into your life. Just add a few drops of your favorite essential oils, and the fine mist will be emitted into your surroundings; you will instantly feel the calming sensation from nature's scent, it is often used to improve sleep. When used without essential oil, the device acts as a humidifier to increase humidity in the air.
Nine benefits of aromatherapy:
1. Purify air (anion+ozone = natural air cleaner);
2. Improve environmental sanitation (decompose formaldehyde and benzene left over from the manufacturing process of new cars, new houses and new furniture);
3. Enhance immunity (immune system enhancement-third medicine);
4. Improve vital capacity (deep breathing+more oxygen);
5. Help the respiratory tract to improve nasal sensitivity and asthma (plant essential oil+ozone+fendox);
6. repel mosquitoes, kill bacteria and mites.
7. Decompose secondhand smoke and eradicate odor sources (ozone);
8. Endocrine management, emotional management, appease irritability, relieve pressure;
9. Accelerate cell metabolism, stimulate cell activity and increase skin luster.
ceramic aroma diffuser
Frequently Asked Questions about Ceramic Aroma Diffuser
Q1.Is this ceramic aroma diffuser durable?
  Yes, this ceramic aroma diffuser is made with high quality standards.
Q2.Is this ceramic aroma diffuser easy to use?
  Yes, it is very easy to use.
Q3.How do I use this ceramic aroma diffuser exactly?
  Remove cover and reservoir lid, fill it with water and oil, press the button once.
Q4.Does this ceramic aroma diffuser has an internal battery?
  No, this aroma diffuser needs to be plugged in  socket from We believe that it is more convenient to have it powered through a dedicated power supply. This way you don't need to worry about another device that needs to be charged frequently.
Q5.What are the dimensions of this small ceramic aroma diffuser?
  The height is 8.8 inch or 225 mm and the width is 5.3 inch or 135 mm diameter.
Q6.What is the weight of this wooden mini humidifiers when empty?
  The weight when empty is wroma diffuser weight (empty):2.65 pounds/1.2kg.
Q7.Does this aroma diffuser produces cool or warm mist?
  This humidifier produces warml mist only.
Q8.Would this desk ceramic aroma diffuser work in a small room or office?
  This model is perfect for smaller rooms or offices.
Q9.Would this small  aroma diffuser work in a big room?
  In a big room this humidifier would work but not be as effective as in a smaller room. For a big room we recommend placing at least 2 of them.
Q10.How do you turn the light on and off?
  Press the button for one second to turn the light on. If you press it again for one second the light turns off. If you press it again for one second the light goes into a pulse mode. Press it again for one second to turn the light off again.
Q11.Can I turn the light completely off when plugged in?
 Yes, you can turn the light completely off, exept for the little red light on the back.
Q12.Will this desk ceramic aroma diffuser wet your desk?
 No, this ceramic diffuser produces very fine mist that's perfectly soluble in the air. It never wets the surface it's placed on.
Q13.Does this ceramic aroma diffuser makes a noice while working?
 No, this model is ultra quiet and almost impossible to hear.
Q14.Is this ceramic aroma diffuser easy to clean?
  Yes, it's very easy to clean. The opening is 5.3 inch , and you can clean it with a towel.
Q15.Can I use essential oil in this ceramic aroma diffuser?
  Yes, this model is designed to use.
Q16.Does the ceremic aroma diffuser automatically shut-off the power if it runs out of water?
  Yes, it will auto shut off when it is waterless.
Q17.Can I use rainwater to fill it?
  No, we don't recommend that you use rain water. You can use regular tap water, but in order to keep the metal mini humidifiers working in the best condition possible, it is best to use distilled water.
Q18. What is your  ceramic aroma diffuser of packing?
A: Generally, we pack our ceramic aroma diffuser in neutral white boxes and brown cartons. If you have legally registered patent, 
we can pack the  diffuser in your branded boxes after getting your authorization letters.
Q19. What is your  ceramic aroma diffuser of payment?
A: T/T 30% as deposit, and 70% before delivery. We'll show you the photos of the products and packages before you pay.
Q20. What is your terms of delivery?
A: EXW, FOB, CFR, CIF, DDU.Airline and sea shipping also optional. 
Q21. How about your delivery time?
A: Sample needs 3-5 days, mass production time needs 1-2 weeks or more than.
Q21. Can you produce according to the samples?
A: Yes, we can produce by your samples or technical drawings. We can build the molds and fixtures.
Q22. Do you test all your  diffuser before delivery?
A: Yes, we have 100% test before delivery
ceramic aroma diffusers
ceramic aroma diffusers
HIDLY is a profession manufactory to produce essential oil  aroma diffuser and mini fan , our main markets are in America, Europe, Australia, Middle East and Southeast Asia. We manage our factory on comparatively higher modern production level with a consummate quality guarantee system, ensuring our products with high quality to follow the new trends of domestic and foreign markets. 
HDILY brand was inspired by in a contemporary and modern lifestyle. Through this balance of body, mind and soul by returning to a life of purity and simplicity to creat a better, simpler and higher quality living environment.
ceramic aroma diffuser
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