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Cactus Mini Humidifier H306

Cactus USB Mini Humidifier
Name:Cactus USB Mini Humidifier  
Time to market:2018
Water tank:280ml 
Rated power: 2.5W
Timing function:no
Voltage input: DC5V 0.5A
Operation method:keyboard type
Quantity of atomization:35ml/h
Shape:classic columnar
Application:10 square meter
Type:ultrasonic humidifier
Humidity control:mechanical
Function:ultrasonic sterilize
Mist outlet quantity:one/a
Mini humidifier certification:CE,RoHS
Cactus humidification method:Ultrasonic
Power source: USB charger, power bank, laptop, etc.
Water-shortage Power-off Protection:Yes
Cactus mini humidifier for people:all people.
Use place:bedroom, office, living room, kitchen.
The benefits of using:let the air more moist, to prevent all kinds of skin diseases.
Cactus USB Mini Humidifier
Cactus Mini Humidifer Description:
Easy to power and carry: DC powered and size 139 * 80 * 80mm makes it easy to carry, whether from home to office or car.
Seven color breathing light: When you turn on the humidifier, the breathing light will turn on automatically. Hold the switch button(3s) for the first time to stop changing colors. Hold the switch button(3s) for the second time to turn off the breathing light.
Ultrasonic Operation and Ultra-silence Design: Humidify your living space to prevent dry, stuffy air and flu/cold germs infecting your loved ones. Prevent dry and chapped skin in dry seasons with no noise.
Safe and Easy to Use:4 hours automatic power-off protection and 1 hours automatic off the lamp. Make sure there is enough water before running.
Popular Design: The cute Rabbit design perfect match your home or office desktop.
Cactus USB Mini Humidifier
How to Use Cactus Mini Humidifier:
Mist Nozzle
Make sure there is enough water in the tank, and do not try to block or scratch mist nozzle. Keep the mist nozzle clean
1.Top Cover
Make sure to disconnect USB cable before you try to remove top cover hold the silicon cactus part carefully and pull it up vertically
2.Add Water
Make sure to add clear water into tank to avoid blocking of mist nozzle,do not add any other liquid (essential oil etc. )into water
3.Suction Inlet
Make sure to pull out plastic tube, pull out cotton suction pipe then soak in water thoroughly before the first use Do not lose the metal spring
4.Micro-USB Input
Humidifier is powered by DC5.0V source, connect it by micro-USB cable, then status indicator illumined red. Please connect cactus humidifier with USB adapter, power bank or computer.
5.ON/OFF Button
Make sure there is enough water in the tank before you turn on the humidifier, make sure cotton suction pipesoak in water thoroughly 
when stock for long time.To avoid any damage if water shortage in tank, the humidifier will be automatically shut-offin 4 hours.
Max Water Level,Make sure that water doesn't exceed the max level line. Top of supporting frame inside tank is the max water level line.
Cactus USB Mini Humidifier
Cactus Mini Humdifier Maintenance Instruction: 
1.Cotton Pipe
Let the cotton suction pipe soak in water thoroughly, then install into inlet.
(A spare cotton pipe is included in package, please replace it when the first one dirty or blocking)
2.Install / Remove
Hold the cotton pipe carefully and push or pull it out vertically 
3.Metal Spring.
 Put the metal spring at the bottom of plastic tube. Do not miss the metal spring when installation.
4.Plastic Tube
 Please fix the cotton pipe by plastic tube.
5.Positioning Point
Make sure the points on top cover and tank are aligned.
6.Add Water / Change Water
Open the Tank
Hold the silicon cactus part carefully and put it up vertically then add clean water. 
Make sure that water doesn't exceed the max level line
Make sure the points on top cover and tank are aligned, then install perfectly.
7.Turn On /off Mini humidifier
Alter adding water, connect humidifier with micro-USB cable while LED indicator lights red. Press power button to turn on humidifier.
Soak cotton pipe in water thoroughly if unused for a long time. Or, it will take about 20 minutes before comes proper working condition.
To stop cactus mini humidifier, press power button when it's working.
There is a PCB inside of Top Cover, please keep top cover dry and safe.

Cactus USB Mini Humidifier
Name:Cactus USB Mini Humidifier
Mini humidifer model:H318
Material: ABS+PP+PC
Mini humidifiers height:5.1 inch/13 cm
Mini humidifiers diameter:3.1 inch/8 cm
Mini humidifiers weight(empty):0.41 pounds/180 g
Single package size:9.8X9.8X13.6cm 
Single gross weight:0.3 kg
Carton box size: 50*40*30cm 
Mini humidifier quantity per carton: 40pcs
Cactus Mini Humidifier Package Include:
1 x mini humidifier
1 x USB cable(AC Adapter Not Included)
1 x Instructions
2 x humidifier stick
1 x 18-month warranty and friendly customer service
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