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Desk Shaking Mist Fan-H902

What is a Desk Shaking Mist Fan?
   A desk shaking mist fan is one of the most ingenious inventions to date. It is an electronic device built to cool the air around whoever is using it, in whatever situation they find themselves; a small fan by design. It is handy enough to fit into satchels, small handbags, and even pockets; yes, it is that small.
   If you find yourself in an environment which has poor air circulation, a desk shaking mist fan comes in really handy and necessary. It may not get to every part of your body all at once but with its consistent cooling of the air around you, you would find your temperature cooling with it.
desk shaking mist fan
desk shaking mist fan
desk shaking mist fan
desk shaking mist fan
desk shaking mist fan
desk shaking mist fan
desk shaking mist fan
desk shaking mist fan
desk shaking mist fan
desk shaking mist fan
Why HIDLY Desk Shaking Mist Fan?
1. High Efficient & 3 Wind Speed: This personal air cooling fan has high efficient multi-layer cooling system, quickly cooling down hot air then blows cool air out. 3 levels of wind speed is suitable for different weather and distance, you can also change the up&down angle of the wind outlet so as to gain better experience.
2.Humidifier Cooling Effect:This evaporative air cooler can combine huidifying function and cooling function together when in use. You can add water or water with ice into its 260ml water tank, then start to enjoy enhanced cooler and wet wind. Unlike other traditonal air cooler, this one can cool the temperature down much faster and keep you away from dryness.
3.Portable & Rechargeable:The size of this humidifier fan is 4.6x5.9x7.7 inch and it weights 1 lbs, you can take it anywhere by using the leather handle. The built-in 2000 mAh rechargeable battery enables this portable air cooler to be used at anytime. You can use Smartphone charger (not included) either to charge its battery or to maintain a long time use.
4.90° Whirling & Easy To USE:This desk shaking mist fan can whirl 90°from left to right which allows its outlets to blows wind from different angles, so as to avoid continuously blowing. 1 buttons simple contral, so easy to figure out, you can start to use this air cooling fan after a few steps. The water curtain filter is washable, so you may want to rinse it before use.
5.Pleease Notice:This humidifier fan is a strong wind personal air cooler, but considering its size, please be awared that this air cooling fan is for personal use, it can NOT cool down the entire room. The furthest distance to use this personal air fan is about 1 meters (3 ft). Please consider its size and power before purchasi.
desk shaking mist fan
desk shaking mist fan
desk shaking mist fan
desk shaking mist fan
desk shaking mist fan
 Desk Shaking Mist Fan Specifications :
Name:desk shaking mist fan
Table fan model:H902
Rated power:4W
Power supply:USB
Charge time:2H
Water tank:200ml
Working current:1500MA
Battery capacity:2000mAh
Operating voltage:DC5V/1A
Material:ABS/PP/Electronic components
Within the product distribution:fan*1,cable*1,Instruction*1
desk shaking mist fan
desk shaking mist fan
 Desk Shaking Mist Fan Packaging Details:
Single weight:655 g
Single package size: 120x153x204 mm
Quantity:16 PCS/CTN
Gross weight(16 PCS):20 kg
Outer package: 31*41x48cm
1CBM-250 pcs
20' GP-7000 pcs
40' GP-14000 pcs
desk shaking mist fan
desk shaking mist fan
desk shaking mist fan
 Frequently Asked Questions:
1.What are the lead times for desk shaking mist fan?
Upon payment, we will eventually process your order. However a lead time of 7 days is required. Because haste makes waste, we give our team enough time to bring about personalized price screen for you.
2.What do the desk shaking mist fan come with?
HIDLY'S desk shaking mist fan come with everything you need to operate such as motor, battery, electronic componentsl and plastic box.
3.What is the warranty policy should the desk shaking mist fan arrive damaged?
We are pleased to offer our convenient warranty policy.
4.What color do these desk shaking mist fan come in?
The desk shaking mist fan are usually available in colors of white,black,green.
5.How long do the desk shaking mist fans last?
Our fans can last an average of 5 years.
6.How do you pack the desk shaking mist fan?
We pack with utmost care to prevent breakage during shipping. Please refer to how we pack for more details.
7.Can you provide the solution of accessory?
Yes,we can.We are professional in desk shaking mist fan.
8.Can you provide the mini mandheld fan as the color of customing?
Yes,we can,Minimum order quantity:3000pcs.
HIDLY is a profession manufactory to produce desk shaking mist fan, our main markets are in America, Europe, Australia, Middle East and Southeast Asia. We manage our factory on comparatively higher modern production level with a consummate quality guarantee system, ensuring our products with high quality to follow the new trends of domestic and foreign markets;If you want custom.
desk shaking mist fan
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