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Projection Lamp Humidifier-H922

Projection Lamp Humidifier Selling Point:

1. Relaxing and quiet night-water tank capacity is about 250 ml. The humidifier operates at 35 dB (operating noise level is even lower than turning pages). So projection lamp humidifier can be humidified quietly without disturbing your study, work or sleep.
2.2 sensitive touch controls: one metal button controls the lamp, the other controls the humidifier. No need to worry about the complex operation of humidifier, just use one button to switch the mode you want freely. Spray can make our life simple and comfortable.
3. Fashion style design: 3-color night lights can provide you with comfortable sleeping environment. You can choose from Christmas, starry sky and ocean lights to meet your choice needs (you can switch white, yellow and orange lights through metal buttons).
4. The best gift: 3D Wooden moon lamp humidifier, very useful and fashionable. It's also a great gift for Christmas, holiday birthday parties, weddings or anniversaries for friends, children and family. A creative decorative night light, suitable for families, dining tables, parties, cafes.
5. Safe use: use environmentally friendly PP+wood material, non-toxic and no damage. 10 hours automatic shutdown protection, automatic shutdown design, do not worry about the water will burn off the humidifier
projection lamp humidifier
projection lamp humidifier
projection lamp humidifier
projection lamp humidifier
projection lamp humidifier
How to Use Projection Lamp Humidifier:
Spray operation: Turn on the power, touch the metal head of the spray switch to turn on the continuous spray mode (the blue indicator light is on during spray work), touch again to turn on the intermittent spray mode (spray for 3 seconds and stop for 3 seconds), touch again to turn off the spray work (The blue indicator light goes out when spraying is finished). Operate in this cycle.
Night light operation: Touch the metal head of the night light control switch to control and adjust the light. Each touch changes the color of the light, white-yellow-warm white-off, and cycle in turn. At the same time, long press the golden metal head to adjust the brightness of the light (long press to brighten, release and long press to darken).
Anti-dry burn: The power will be cut off automatically after 10 hours of continuous spraying, and the power will be cut off automatically at 20 hours of intermittent spraying. After the power is cut off, it can be restarted and used.
projection lamp humidifier
projection lamp humidifier
projection lamp humidifier
projection lamp humidifier
projection lamp humidifier
Safety Instructions:
1)The projection lamp humidifier is the precision one. Do not dismantle and do not use it in damp area.
2)The working voltage of the projection lamp humidifier is DC5V.PIease make sure the working power is DC power of 5V.
3)Please dry the water in the water tank if not used fora long-time. Hang the absorbent cotton dry and unplug the power cord.
4)Recommend cleaning off the scale deposit in the water tank once a week.
5)Do not touch atomizingchips with hard articles.
6)If there is abnormal sound orthe atomizing water is becoming less remarkably, please refill water into water tank after shut down.
projection lamp humidifier
projection lamp humidifier
projection lamp humidifier
Projection Lamp Humidifier Specifications :
Name: Projection Lamp Humidifier
Power type:USB
Time to market:2021
Mist output :35ml/h
Rated power: 2.5W
Voltage input: DC5V
Mist outlet quantity:one/a
Function:ultrasonic sterilize
Water tank capacity: 250ml
Application:11-20 square meter
Operation method:keyboard type
Water-shortage power-off protection:yes
Use place:Bedroom, office, living room, kitchen,hotel.
Product material: PP/PC/silicagel/film/electronic components
Use time: continuous spraying about 4H; intermittent spraying about 8H
The benefits of using:Let the air more moist, to prevent all kinds of skin diseases.
Standard product configuration: 1 machine, 1 data line, 1 manual, 2 cotton swabs. 1 bracket
projection lamp humidifier
projection lamp humidifier
projection lamp humidifier
Projection Lamp Humidifier Packaging Details:
Product size:140*140*106mm
Weight (empty):230g
Box size:140*140*129mm
Gross weight(48pcs):20KG
Carton size(48pcs):58*44*55cm
1CBM ---330pcs
20' GP---9000PCS
40' GP---18000PCS
projection lamp humidifier
projection lamp humidifier
projection lamp humidifier
projection lamp humidifier
projection lamp humidifier
Frequently Asked Questions about Projection Lamp Humidifier:
Q1.Is this projection lamp humidifier durable?
  Yes, this product is made with high quality standards.
Q2.Is this projection lamp humidifier easy to use?
  Yes, it is very easy to use.
Q3.How do I use this projection lamp humidifier exactly?
  Unscrew the top part, fill it with water, press the button once.
Q4.Does table humidifers has an internal battery?
  There are battery
Q5.Does this humidifier produces cool or warm mist?
  This humidifier produces cool mist only.
Q6.Would this projection lamp humidifier work in a small room or office?
  This model is perfect for smaller rooms or offices.
Q7.Would this large desktop humidifers work in a big room?
  In a big room this humidifier would work but not be as effective as in a smaller room. For a big room we recommend placing at least 2 of them.
Q8.Will this projection lamp humidifier wet your desk?
 No, this humidifier produces very fine mist that's perfectly soluble in the air. It never wets the surface it's placed on.
Q9.Does this projection lamp humidifier makes a noice while working?
 No, this model is ultra quiet and almost impossible to hear.
Q10.Is this large desktop humidifers easy to clean?
  Yes, it's very easy to clean. and you can clean it with a towel.
Q11.Can I use essential oil in this desk humidifiers?
  No, this model is not designed to use as an projection lamp humidifiers.
Q12.Does the table humidifers automatically shut-off the power if it runs out of water?
  Yes, it will auto shut off when it is waterless.
Q13.Can I use rainwater to fill it?
  No, we don't recommend that you use rain water. You can use regular tap water, but in order to keep the metal projection lamp humidifiers working in the best condition possible, it is best to use distilled water.
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projection lamp humidifier
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