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Wooden Essential Oil Diffuser-H206

Wooden Essential Oil Diffuser Selling Point:
1)Aromatherapy diffuser: This ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser is an amazing multifunction aromatherapy device, gives out ultra-fine and smooth mist which can soften and moisten the dry and chapped skin, reduce radiation, relieve fatigue, create a quiet and warm atmosphere for you, help you benefit from fragrance healing.
wooden essential oil diffuser
wooden essential oil diffuser
wooden essential oil diffuser
wooden essential oil diffuser
wooden essential oil diffuser
wooden essential oil diffuser
wooden essential oil diffuser
wooden essential oil diffuser
2)Advanced ultrasonic nebulizing: Its ultrasonic technology produces vibrations at a frequency of 2.4 millions times per second breaks any mixture of essential oils and water into millions of microparticles without using heat (heat destroys the ingredient of essential oils), disperses them into the air, and releases the constituents found in essential oils.
3) 7 LED color changing light:Essential Oil Diffuser led light can be set to one, a series of seven relaxing therapy colors or simply shut completely off for a great night of sleep. Also, aroma diffuser works as an ideal nightlight and ambient light creating a calm and romantic environment. Absorbing energy from the full spectrum of colored lights stimulates the body's circulatory system, immune system, endocrine system, and nervous system.
How To Use the  Wooden Essential Oil Diffuser?
wooden essential oil diffuser
Safety Instructions:
1) The power must be turned off when adding water to avoid electric shock.
2) After power on, the initial state of the ceramic aroma diffuser is the standby state.
3) Do not directly add water to the water tank with a tap, but use other containers to add water.
4) If there is no water in the water tank, the aromatherapy will automatically close the water tank
5) Please clean the water tank with water-soluble essential oil before changing to other essential oils.
6) The highest water level does not exceed 200 ml. If the water level is exceeded, the aromatherapy machine will not work properly.
7) If you will not use it for a long time, please pour out all the remaining water in the water tank and place the machine in a dry place.
8) The temperature and humidity of different environments affect the concentration and working time of the spray, which is a normal phenomenon.
9 The Essential Oil Diffuser is suitable for the working environment of 5-40 degrees Celsius, and the relative humidity is less than 80%RH. Do not add hot water above 40 degrees Celsius to the water tank and the water tank to avoid discoloration or deformation.
1) Oil is not included in this package. 
2) Please read the instructions carefully before use.
3) Do not touch the ultrasonic vibrating plate inside the tank directly with your hand.
4) No brand limit of the essential oil. You could use any water-soluble essential oil as you like. 
5) Do not use it if your room is high humidity in case the super heavy mist condense into water droplets.
6) Clean the neutralizer regularly. Please clean the diffuser at least once a week and keep it dry when not in use.. 
7) If the aroma diffuser emits very little steam, the water level may be too high, so the piezoelectric plate cannot atomize all of the water.
Wooden Essential Oil Diffuser Specifications :
wooden essential oil diffuser
wooden essential oil diffuser
wooden essential oil diffuser
wooden essential oil diffuser
wooden essential oil diffuser
wooden essential oil diffuser
Noise:35 dB(A) 
Material: PP+ABS
Rated power:10 W
Voltage input:5V
Time to market:2021
Certification:CE, RoHS
Mist outlet quantity:one/a
Function:ultrasonic sterilize
Water tank capacity:200 ml
Use time: 4-6 hours running
Power output: DC24V/0.65A
Color:dark /light wood grain.
Spray volume: 20-40 ml/hour
Ultrasonic frequency: 2.4 MHz
Application:11-20 square meter
Operation method:keyboard type
Water-shortage power-off protection:yes
Standard product configuration: 1 machine, 1 manual,
Mist mode:High mist mode/ Low mist mode/Intermittent mist mode.
The benefits of using:Let the air more moist, to prevent all kinds of skin diseases.
Appliance:bedroom, office, living room, kitchen,hotel,office,baby room,yoga,hotel,gym,bed room,spa.
wooden essential oil diffuser
wooden essential oil diffuser
wooden essential oil diffuser
wooden essential oil diffuser
Wooden Essential Oil Diffuser Packaging Details:
Product size:93*93*213 mm
Weight (empty):220 g
Box size:105*105*220 mm
Gross weight(1 pcs):360 g
Gross weight(40 pcs):15.5 kg
Carton size(40 pcs):55*44*46 cm
1 CBM--350 pcs
20' GP-10000 pcs
40' GP--20000 pcs
wooden essential oil diffuser
wooden essential oil diffuser
wooden essential oil diffuser
wooden essential oil diffuser
wooden essential oil diffuser
wooden essential oil diffuser
wooden essential oil diffuser
Q1.Is this Essential Oil Diffuser durable?
  Yes, this product is made with high quality standards.
Q2.Is this Essential Oil Diffuser easy to use?
  Yes, it is very easy to use.
Q3.How do I use this Essential Oil Diffuser exactly?
  Unscrew the top part, fill it with water, press the button once.
Q4.Does table Essential Oil Diffuser has an internal battery?
    No battery
Q5.Does this Essential Oil Diffuser produces cool or warm mist?
  This diffuser produces warm mist only.
Q6.Would this Essential Oil Diffuser work in a small room or office?
  This model is perfect for smaller rooms or offices.
Q7.Would this Essential Oil Diffuser work in a big room?
  In a big room this diffuser would work but not be as effective as in a smaller room. For a big room we recommend placing at least 2 of them.
Q8.Will this Essential Oil Diffuser wet your desk?
 No, this aroma diffuser produces very fine mist that's perfectly soluble in the air. It never wets the surface it's placed on.
Q9.Does this Essential Oil Diffuser makes a novice while working?
 No, this model is ultra quiet and almost impossible to hear.
Q10.Is this essential oil diffuse reasy to clean?
  Yes, it's very easy to clean. and you can clean it with a towel.
Q11.Can I use essential oil in this Essential Oil Diffuser?
   Yes, you put a little essential oil into the tank
Q12.Does the bluetooth aroma diffuser automatically shut-off the power if it runs out of water?
  Yes, it will auto shut off when it is waterless.
Q13.Can I use rainwater to fill it?
  No, we don't recommend that you use rain water. You can use regular tap water, but in order to keep the bluetooth aroma diffusers working in the best condition possible, it is best to use distilled water.
Q14.What are the lead times for bluetooth aroma diffuser?
Upon payment, we will eventually process your order. Stock sample: 1-2 days OEM sample: about 7 days;Mass production: 15-20 working days which depends on quantity;Mould: plastic 30 days, metal 30 days
Q15.Can you provide the bluetooth aroma diffuser the size of costuming?
Yes,we can. If you want custom please contact us.
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wooden essential oil diffuser
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